What is giFT MUTE Plugin?

You can find more about giFT and MUTE on their home pages. This project has the aim of writing a MUTE Plugin for giFT.

Current status

Actually, its status is really immature, since the project has just started (almost immature as this home page - but perhaps this is even worse). You can get some alpha code from SourceForge's CVS; you can find everything you need from gift-mute SourceForge's pages.

Internal documentation

This project is internally documented through the use of doxygen, to make existing code easier to understand for new developers and for any person who wants to read it. Here you can find an html version.

Q-MUTE Protocol Stack

Q-MUTE Protocol Stack is a work-in-progress protocol, thought to be useable in double protocol stack nodes running both MUTE Protocol Stack and Q-MUTE Protocol Stack.

Current status of this protocol can be defined as “Draft”, meaning that is still really easy that it will undergo major revisions. Here you can find the current release of the Q-MUTE Protocol Stack Documentation.

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